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Quality supplies and fast, efficient services

If you are looking for quality propane supplies and friendly service, Kelly Gas is the place to go. Our staff are all state certified professionals and pride themselves on their super courteous service.

  • Propane gas sales and service

  • Tank exchange or fill on site

  • Propane gas

  • Bulk & bottled

  • Construction sites

  • Gas grills, appliances

  • Service Contracts

  • Mobile Home parks

  • Rv’s campers, forklifts

  • Sold by the gallon

Our complete list of services:

We service both home owners and commercial property owners. If you are looking for expert gas and propane sales and delivery, look no further than Kelly Gas we keep your home or business running smoothly.

Residential and commercial sales

For inquiries about our monthly delivery, call:


We offer competitive pricing on all our propane sales, services, and accessories.

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